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Our main aim is to encourage the people of North & South Cornelly to become involved in the Labour Party's efforts to make the UK a fairer and better place to live and work. We, of course welcome ideas and opinions from like-minded people and organisations in the wider community.

We aim to develop, with support from local members, an online community hub that presents you with the opportunity to see what is going on in Cornelly, raise your issues and to get involved with the Labour Party.

Our website has all of the latest news on our local campaigns and lets you know what community projects we are involved in. Check back regularly for updates.

Our Aims & Objectives

Cornelly Labour Party intends to achieve the long-held and much valued objectives of the Labour Party for the benefit of our constituents in Cornelly. Namely:

The Cornelly branch of the Labour Party welcomes new members to our meetings which are held on the first Wednesday of the month (except December) in the Cornelly Community Centre at 7pm. Why not come along and join us?

Members of the branch hold active debates about issues facing us all and discuss our on-going local campaigns. We pass on our ideas to the local MP, Madeleine Moon, and the First Minister of the Welsh Government, our AM, Carwyn Jones.

Members of the Cornelly Branch aim to make a difference both locally and nationally.

We are active campaigners within our three villages for the Labour Party and always on the lookout for new and innovative ideas to help make our community a better place for us to live in. It is great to have members from the three villages so that each can be represented at the branch meetings. We are also keen to encourage present Party members to come along.

Our Representatives

Our Representatives

These are the Labour Party Councillors that represent Cornelly.

Cllr. Richard Granville

Community & County Councillor

Cllr. Gemma Hartnoll

Community Councillor
Branch Officers

Branch Officers

Cllr. Richard Granville


Cllr. Gemma Hartnoll

Vice Chariperson



Allen Williams

Ask a Question

Ask a Question

Do you wish to ask your local Labour team a question? Need to get a matter resolved but are not able to get to the surgeries? Simply fill out the form below with your query and Richard and/or Gemma will assist your with your query.

Latest News

Latest News

Check out what I am up to and come read some tutorials.


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Contact Information

Secretary Address: 1 Firtree Cottages, Maudlam, Bridgend, North Cornelly, United Kingdom, CF33 4PH

Phone: 07780 790951

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